Electric Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Set

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Did you know that your makeup brush can gather more bacteria than your toilet brush? Don’t panic, because that’s exactly why we created the Brush Spinner. We know how much time is takes to go through each and every makeup tool, meticulously cleaning and rinsing it, and then laying it out to dry on a flat surface. Let’s be honest, it’s a tedious task and often goes undone because of the time it consumes. But even though we may not see the bacteria in our brushes, it’s still there, wreaking havoc on our skin. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria from the dirty brush transfers onto your skin and causes acne breakouts, rashes, and oil build-up. No one wants that. Clean and dry your brushes in seconds using our brush cleaner, and watch all the excess dirt, oil and makeup simply dissolve into the water. You’ll brushes will be looking and feeling brand new in no time at all.

Item Type: Makeup Brush
Quantity: 1set
Handle Material: Plastic
Used With: Sets & Kits
Size: Ful Size
Material: Silicone
Brush Material: Plastic